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Whatever your disorder may be, nutrition is a must when considering which type of complementary therapy to choose. There are so many offered by a variety of professionals, but when it comes to the foundation of good health, surely we should consider that a healthy body and mind stems from what we eat?

Nutritional therapy by nature, works with or instead of, traditional conventional medicine. If you have been unsuccessful in treating a current health problem using prescribed medication, please consider your nutritional status as this may be having a considerable impact on your overall health.

Remember, optimum nutrition can lead to optimum health.

Provide your body with the elements it needs for only six weeks and see the difference!

Combining Nutritional Therapy and Reiki is wonderful. Reiki energy can provide you with the confidence to achieve something new and often when you are making alterations to what you eat and drink in order to incorporate dietary changes, you may find that your current lifestyle can be challenged on a number of levels.

Try a combination of Nutritional Therapy and Reiki and feel empowered as you achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Warmest regards
Caroline Rumsey